Friday, April 18, 2014


It's really still cold here, time for a change. Where can I go that's not too expensive but at least 


My friend Skip's trailer park in.................Florida (gun capital of the western world)

with paths to....somewhere

green leaves

muscle car museums

big roads to......?

even at night

plenty of bridges

over plenty of water

under some sky

but WARM

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Do I know you??

I did this painting titled "Portrait".  It's sort of strange in that it is quite difficult to decide if it's male or female,young or old.  Just recognizable as a person. With no identity.

People in certain pictures have unmistakable identities even when you haven't seen them in fifty years

my grandfather

Some I've never met but have come to know them very well by painting them
Werner Heisenberg

Sometimes the portrait reflects the personality of the person

Some are hidden from identification

While other escape our notice

Even in a quick sketch the human form is the most interesting subject

and the variety endless