Thursday, March 22, 2012

The winter that wasn't

80 degrees in March, the flowers are flowering, trees are budding and people are shedding their coats

Years ago my Grandparents would have been returning from Florida


.....and if it had been a real winter we would be returning from Marrakech about now.  I do miss Derb jedid ,our friends and animals most of all my ally cat Mr. Booger ( worlds coolest cat, king of the Derb)



  1. LOL! at Booger. Looks like he has a lot of character. This was my kind of winter, this year. :)

  2. Booger does seem to realize that he is the coolest of all cats.

    This year's swing from winter to spring (almost summer) seems abrupt.

    What will July and August show us?

    Best wishes

  3. That cat looks like a man- a lot like buster's friend Patrick the dog- he, too looks manish.
    It was winter here- still is sort of on and off again. Been an uninteresting, colourless year. Love your photos of Maroc!

    1. Mr. Booger rarely opens his eyes before noon. How cool is that!!!

  4. That last shot of Mr. Booger really got my smile ;)
    Salutations from sunny Portugal!